Mercedes Benz India comes out with a Brand Tour

Mercedes – Benz India continuous their journey to attract all the patrons across the nation, and this time they came with an astonishing brand tour in which they will become visible with Tier II and Tier III across India. On the 19th march, 2018, Mercedes – Benz India has initiated the brand tour in which Patrons can get the chance of living their dreams in real while driving the Mercedes of their own choice and can experience the brands comfort and luxury personally.

The Brand Tour will travel to 14 locations across India which started with Aurangabad, Udaipur, Allahabad and scheduled to visit 11 other cities which includes Haldwani, Ranchi, Arunachal, Shimla, Vapi, South Goa, Shimla, Thirunalveli, Vizag, Gandhinagar, Kannur and Shimoga.

Speaking on the occasion, Roland Folger, Managing Director and CEO, Mercedes- Benz India said, “India’s growth has given a major economic boost to its Tier II and III markets and with this growing economy, we now have an expanded customer base and favourable wealth distribution in the country. Mercedes-Benz is known for its customer centric approach, and Brand Tour is one such concept, which helps us, creating a stronghold in the largely untapped Tier II and III emerging markets. With Brand Tour we aim to unlock the market potential of smaller cities while providing customers easy access to the unique and renowned Mercedes-Benz experience. We are confident that the initiative will help the brand expand its footprint and penetrate deeper into the Indian market.”

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